The return of the Yacht Party

With cocktail servers dressed in elegant attire and the finest hors d’oeuvres and spirits, a luxury yacht charter provides the ultimate party experience.  Gone are the days of renting out space in a dated building with lousy entertainment.  With a luxury yacht charter, you can party in the lap of luxury with a full staff to attend to your every need and food catered to your liking.

From bachelor parties to birthday parties, consumers have recently shown a growing fondness for yacht parties.  Because luxury yacht charters have so many customizable options and offer a diverse selection of destinations, many soon-to-be grooms have opted for a yacht party in lieu of the typical bachelor party at a strip club or bar.  With state-of-the-art sound systems and stunning cocktail servers, luxury yacht charters can help create a bachelor party like no other.  The exclusivity of yacht parties ensures that you receive customized and unparalleled service.  Guests are sure to be impressed with their elegant surroundings and the feel of the ocean breeze as they celebrate under the sunset.

For those looking to blow off some steam after a long semester, many young vacationers book luxury yacht charters for spring break parties.  From Cancun to the Mediterranean, spring break yacht parties will keep any vacationer entertained.  As you take the voyage to your desired destination, you can enjoy an abundance of food, alcohol, and entertainment, while taking in the beautiful scenery on the way.  Once on dry land, you can hit up the clubs at various port cities like Cape Town or Miami.  On the way back, you can sunbathe on the deck or take a dip in the ocean for some snorkeling.

The beauty of having a party on a luxury yacht charter is that it can be adjusted according to your preferences.  For example, if you require an elegant atmosphere for a corporate event or charity gala, accommodations can be made that are suitable to impress even the most affluent crowds.  Your clients and guests will be transported to a world of luxury, where they can enjoy ocean views while receiving five-star service from attentive hosts and servers.

For an unforgettable birthday party, book a luxury yacht charter that will keep guests entertained all night.  Popular with young celebrities, the birthday yacht party has recently become accessible to everyone due to its increasing prevalence.  Instead of enduring long lines at a nightclub or waiting on end for a seat at a crowded restaurant, a birthday party on a luxury yacht charter will give you more bang for your buck and provides a unique experience that your friends will cherish.  Imagine dancing the night away with your closest friends while you sail in luxury along a stunning coast.

Whether you’re planning a bachelor party or an elegant gala, the experts at ENB Yachts will help you create a party that guests will remember for years to come.