Springtime is for Yachting

As winter comes to an end and the chill subsides, yachting is the perfect way to celebrate the new season just around the corner.  Whether you’re on spring break or taking a much-needed vacation from work, sailing on the open sea with your friends can be the experience of a lifetime.  Grab some friends, book a yacht charter, and get ready for the ultimate spring indulgence.

With its azure waters and picturesque coastline, Cancun has remained a popular yachting destination for spring breakers.  Imagine the ocean breeze blowing through your hair while you sip on a cocktail and bask in all of the beauty that Cancun has to offer.  With a yacht charter, you can enjoy the Mexican Caribbean while living the life of luxury as a full staff provides five-star service.  With yacht charter options like snorkeling gear, Jet Skis, and other water equipment, thrill-seeking vacationers can have the time of their lives.  If you’re just looking to unwind, you can catch some rays on deck or sunbathe on a floating mat for unparalleled rest and relaxation.

Another popular destination is the Florida coast, where partygoers flock from all over the world.  With a yacht charter, you can sail along the coast and hit up all of the hottest spots while enjoying a host of amenities on board that rival that of luxury resorts.  Where else can you experience customized cuisine, entertainment, and the thrill of the ocean breeze?  With a fully-crewed yacht charter staffed with talented chefs and hospitable servers, all of this is possible.  To complete your yacht charter experience, transportation like helicopter and limousine services can also be arranged, allowing you to travel in style to your next party destination.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, a yacht charter to the Mediterranean provides a diverse variety of enchanting locations.  There has recently been an increase of development of yachting facilities along the Mediterranean which allows you to easily sail from one destination to another.  With over 2000 islands, Greece has captivated travelers from all over the world, who come seeking to soak up the rich history and culture.  Croatia has also become a popular option for yacht charters, with its pristine coastline and charming, historic towns.  From Mykonos to the Croatian coasts of Istria, the Mediterranean provides endless options for any vacationer.

Spain likewise attracts visitors during yachting season because of its historical sites, beautiful coasts, and lively culture.  Spain’s features and ample marinas are sure to please any traveler, making it a very attractive destination for yacht charters.  Fondly written about in Hemingway’s novels, the city of San Sebastian is a gem located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay in Spain.  After you’ve docked in the harbor, you can explore San Sebastian’s charming cafes and bars, and end the night with an intimate dinner overlooking the ocean.

For the ultimate vacation experience, ENB Yachts will match you up with a fully-crewed yacht to ensure an unforgettable trip.